[K-Choreo Tower Cam 4K] 온리원오브 직캠 'libidO '(OnlyOneOf Choreography) l @MusicBank KBS 210430

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    1. 빛비

      오~~~ 새로운 직캠이다!!! 위에서 찍으니까 전체 동선도 잘 보이고, 전체 안무도 잘 보이고, 오히려 깔끔하니 좋네요. 이 와중에 점프를 하면서 라이브를 부르는 준지 님이 참 신기...

    2. Pamela Jane Suico

      i’d pass out if this was my view.

    3. Jatsuel Chavez


    4. NewOldObsession

      i like seeing their formations

    5. María Martínez

      Wooow woooow wooow increíble, cantan hermoso, son hermosos, bailan hermoso, OMG los Amo.

    6. Rebecca Lancaster

      Love the tower camera because it's soo much better than seeing a concert in the nosebleed section.

    7. Ana Paola Yana Alejandro

      Yo literalmente todo el día: Libid0, Libid0, Libid0. No importa en que angulo de camara este grabado, la coreografía siempre va a seguir siendo Arte.

    8. Mariana Arnal

      Just amazing. I've see every version of this choreo. Every stage, every camera angle. And my conclusion is this guys are perfection made into a kpop group.

    9. wookjinnie

      perfectos cómo siempre

    10. int8k

      im here camping again STREAM LIBIDO TO 100M !!

    11. 나공쓰

      Wow I love this new angle, you can really see all their formations perfectly and how in sync they are!

    12. 안나짱


    13. miracleboi

      kbs said yes for tiddy shots

    14. love you

      하느님석에서 보는 것도 좋네요 ,,

    15. timingmile

      This angle is good for seeing all the choreography clearly 😍

    16. 예스리

      오 신박한 위치에서찍은 직캠! 뭔가 멤버들 자리이동하는거랑 잘보여서 새롭고 멤버 다들 멋찌구❣

    17. Dina

      Even from this far I feel the energy! Interesting engle, I like it.

    18. stkm_g

    19. Noane Cunha

      esse ângulo é perfeito, uma pena que a coreografia foi censurada para tv !!!! KBS melhorem e vou pode apreciar essa obra prima tão original.

    20. Bbie

      I wish they sing more in lives :( if they do, it's very subtle... (no hate, I'm lyon)

    21. l클쨩

      이 높이에서 보니 새롭고 좋네요...

    22. Isiri Rahubadda


    23. Sonia P12

      Damm this is one of the best kpop songs ever..love from Greece 🇬🇷👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥

    24. melissa sartí

      Ahhhhh se puede ver la coordinación y cada paso de cada integrante. Me encanta

    25. AngelicaDL

      Fue grabado desde un ángulo que no sabía que necesitaba para apreciar aún más la coreografía , gracias KBS. 😮😂

    26. 땅꼬마

      후하후하 👍🏻👍🏻 수록곡들도 너무 보고싶다

    27. Geethanjali D

      I wish OnlyOneOf gets more fame and recognition soon. They are so talented and their music taste is so different and addictive, that's what makes them unique

    28. anonH719

      This is such a good angle! Makes me appreciate the outfits and choreo even more. They look so good, Mill is my bias in libido era, the short hair fits him perfectly. But KB owned this era imo!! He really improved a lot

    29. NᎧᏒTĦ ᏕTᗩᏒᏕ

      Omggg we got camera man hot moves 👀💙. 2:16

    30. 케이-미자

      헐... 이건--- ㅋㅋㅋ 제 마음

    31. Angélica de la Cruz

      I'm a new Ly0n and this is just sooo addictive!! I wish this era never ends :c They deserve more recognition!

      1. 케이-미자

        Welcome to the club, lil' cub, soon you'll be growling too! Let's hear you roar, young lyOn

    32. xcompletexsilencex

      wow, a whole new angle of nine's body. thanks, i hate it!

      1. xcompletexsilencex

        just to confirm, that is sarcasm...

    33. Celine

      I swear I love OnlyOneOf so much

    34. Rosauno Lalintino