최정원&티파니 영 - Someone To Watch Over Me [불후의 명곡2 전설을 노래하다/Immortal Songs 2] | KBS 210501 방송

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    최정원&티파니 영 - Someone To Watch Over Me

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    1. 킹금례

      정원님 에너지 넘 좋다

    2. Tran Danh

      my queen 😭💜💜💜

    3. The harmonium


    4. vo sa

      Perfect adorable girl perfect beautiful girl tiffany so beautiful perfect work happy forever in the world

    5. Pingky Hermawan TV

      Fany 😍

    6. 나나나

      최정원씨 밖에 안보임 전혀 뒤지지 않고 열정이 대단하시네요

    7. Matheus Santos

      Love you, Fany 💗💗💗💗💗

    8. Walwal왈왈

      이러면 내가 파니언니 팬인 게 자랑스럽잖아💕

      1. Lifetime Sone

        다영이 자랑스러야지

    9. Mrs Cho Agusssriwanti

      Tiffany Young JJANG!!

    10. Sone L

      Imagine being that talented

    11. 온리주현

      감사합니다 🙇

    12. Eunkyo Choi

      티파니 미모에 물이 또 오름~ 티파니 목소리가 잘 안들려서 아쉽.

    13. 진로

      티파니가 최정원 제외하면 출연자 중 최고참이라니 ㄷㄷ 역시 소시 출신이라 안무는 날면서 하네 ㅋ

    14. 미술작가 오쿄미 TV

      너무 좋다 ❤️❤️❤️😭

    15. Cleveland Tour Guide

      This sounds like a Christmas carol 🥰

    16. Iako Iako

      great perfomance girls

    17. Ellie Arguelles

      Whenever I hear her voice I feel like it's already Christmas haha

    18. Sugarshaz

      Tiffany is amazing.. just, wow. I agree with others saying the best thing she did was leave SM. She is a true performer.

    19. pearl

      파니가 덜 웃으면 내 심장병이 예방되겠지만 그렇다면 오래살 이유가 없다

    20. 안녕하


    21. EN KM

      Tiffany who deserved to be loved forever!

    22. jayem

      As expected snsd member

    23. 검지


    24. 이하진

      너무 좋아요😍😍😍

    25. ezra s.

      So beautiful

    26. Shemaa 9

      fighting tiffany 💞💞💞✨

    27. Gly Bel

      Tiffany in thumbnails

    28. Pastel Dew

      Her smile is contagiouss

    29. Al Fanny

      Tiffany when comeback with SNSD?😭😭😭

    30. 솟둥이


    31. 미래

      티파니 사랑해💕 세상에서 제일 멋있는 언니ㅠㅠㅠ💃🖤❤

    32. ner wi

      티파니는 재즈의 팝 스타일이 완전 잘 맞네 영어로 부르니까 더 그루브가 사는거 같다.

    33. 님꿀벌사마

      ㅌㅍㄴ ㅅㄹㅎ

    34. 이하진

      하... 너무 좋아❤ 빨리 더 봤으면 좋겠다 ❤❤❤

    35. No ToUcHiEeeEe

      3:50 Fany-ah so smol AACCKKK MY HEART

    36. somphong duangseeda

      NO.5 OTIGA?

    37. 오드투미

      티파니 음색 너무 좋다💕

    38. bubblegum bxtch

      Tiffany has always been spectacular, i love her vocals most especially when she sings live and in concerts. Yes, she did improve but she’s always been this AMAZING, her performance have always been this glamorous and never boring. You guys just overlooked her solo performances, talent and capabilities because she’s always been outshone by Taeyeon and Jessica. Even Seohyun. These 2’s capabilities as artists have always been outshone that we have forgotten and set aside what magic they do for SNSD. It’s sad because Tiffany has to be the “the member of SNSD who loves pink and who has cute eyesmile,” disappointing too cause now I only realized that her capabilities as an artist have always been underestimated and overlooked, not only by SM but as well as the other SONEs here. She’s restrained to do what she wants because SM limits her and gives her this kind of variation when it comes to our career, now that she’s in a different label, she is now able to achieve her goals freely. Sing more of the song genres and style that she really fancies. But well, I’m really glad Tiffany’s able to perform and show people that she can still continue as an artist in Korea even if she isn’t a part of SM anymore and that her label’s from US. She deserves this, I hope she gets a lot more, and of course the rest of the members who are not a part of SM anymore.

    39. Nemo Marsh

      Ah Tiffany is just too good

    40. summer P

      멋있어 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    41. nemz 801

      Healing voices thank you Tiffany Young♡ and Choi Jinwoo ♡

    42. august dream

      01:22 재즈 바이브 미쳤다;;;;;;;

    43. michael bertaux

      The ladies are awesome and I love Tiff. But the musicians are Great also. A great job.


      our panyyyyyyyyy

    45. yujeong 8

      한국에서는 못보게했었던거 같은데 풀렸네 잘한다👍🏻💜.

    46. 내인생

      핫허니래그 뮤지컬에서 볼때 진짜 더좋은데💜 뮤지컬 또보고싶다 티파니 최정원 캐슷으로봤었는데

    47. 무초월

      댓글 수준들 봐라.세종대왕이 울고 가시겠네.지들도 모르는 사대주의 관습

    48. Barelyuss

      AWWWW ONE OF MY QUEEN IS BACKKK, I Can't wait to see GG comeback❤

    49. Jahesh Shop

      Tiffany voice so special

    50. 묭아지경

      정원님이랑 파니 무대보는데 너무 행복하다😍 내가 여기서 핫허니래그를 볼 줄 몰랐죠ㅠㅠㅠ 파니야 재즈 앨범 낼 생각 없나요 넘 잘 어울려... 1:12 여기 부분 진심 녹아내림

    51. Dorothy Ann Dagohoy

      언니들이 잘해서요.

    52. moon1ight

      티파니 역시 영어노래 부를때 훨씬 편해보이고 더 잘한댜 최고💜💜 최정원 배우님은 말할거도 없고ㅠㅠㅠ

    53. moon1ight

      한국어 댓글 없어 왜 한국인들

    54. ᄉᄑᄑ

      두분 같이 무대하는 거 보는데 왜이렇게 행복한지 ㅜㅜ 덕분에 요즘 재즈의 매력에 푹 빠져있어요

    55. Hee Han

      티파니 사기 음색에 리듬 타는거 끝내준다

    56. Hee Han

      두사람 음색도 잘 어울리고 무대합 너무 좋아

    57. Muhammad Ikram Afif

      Just shut up guys! Let's just enjoy this majestic performance

    58. JJ

      2:50 확실히 아이돌출신이라 선이 훨씬 예쁘고 각도 예쁜듯..

      1. The harmonium


      2. Lifetime Sone


    59. Muhammad Ikram Afif

      One of the genres that I really think really suit Girls' Generation is jazz. I don't why but maybe bcs they have the vibe esp. Tiffany and Taeyeon

    60. 뭘봐

      아니 왜 이렇게 두분 다 예쁘신거죠......

    61. khshin

      아 진짜 저 표정 너무 사랑스러워 심장 녹아내릴거같다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    62. Desi Puspandini

      I can’t watch this without feeling emotional and overwhelmed with pure joy and proud seeing how Tiffany’s been able to finding herself and truly enjoying life right now. I don’t even know how if words can do justice, but she just keeps getting better everyday. maybe it’s the confidence, or whatever that is, it’s just sooo good seeing her glow

    63. coreen reyes

      4:30 really melt my heart ✨

    64. chengwa dee

      Wow, SNSD can still bring their energy back. Comeback GIRLS GEN, fighting💪💚💚💚💞💞💞

    65. Nisa Afni


    66. Zahra Tabatabaie

      So beautiful fany

    67. Als

      Fany fany ♥️♥️

    68. María Fernanda Garcia Aguilar

      Tiffany 👑

    69. Fahm S.

      Tiffany's range remains, with little expansion, but her technique is so much better. Love how she no longer tries to pull chest and opens up her vowels adding support, her leaving SM was a good decision. 1:22

    70. xiaochie


    71. Kiky wang

      Yashh our queen tiffany 😍

    72. Aulia Maulina


    73. Ketut Semiati


    74. 永远소원

      i cant get enough of this performance i'm still not over it. people are not talking enough about this perfection 😩

    75. Leony NS

      As expected Roxie Hwang kill me again.

    76. I am Evan Rarung

      At last she accept her mezzo sopran voice

    77. Gabriella

      Tiffany unnie is the living icon of hardwork, perseverance, passion and progress. 💟

    78. Evelyn

      Wow wow wow, TIFFANY!!!!!!!

    79. Mrs Cho Agusssriwanti

      Tell me why.....

    80. Mrs Cho Agusssriwanti

      Pany pany tipani cantikk

    81. ezra s.


    82. Jam Adventures

      I actually don’t get people saying that tiffany improved... she was always good honestly... i guess our mind taught us that SNSD’s vocal trio only includes Taeyeon, Jessica, and Seohyun and we tend to forgot that Tiffany, Sunny, and even Yuri and Sooyoung were excellent singers at their own right... the improvements are actually Yoona and Hyoyeon... i guess the right term to use was Tiffany blossomed outside the comfort of SM’s garden

      1. Nico Adi Wijaya

        Even Tiffany could easily become A MAIN VOCAL in other girl group these days... Actually Tiffany is the Unofficial Main Vocal of SNSD, but people don't wanna admit it smh

      2. Affinity for Brown Pears

        Yup blossom is definitely the right word she worked hard and cultivated her talent year after year during SNSD, I also don't like that some people call her going back to America a "turning point" no, she just continued the work she was already doing in SNSD by that time and put all that experience to the test now in Chicago so she can continue to grow.

    83. dessifumi 01

      OmG, Tiffany!!!

    84. Gia S

      When they did the low notes 🤯😍❤

    85. Nia Wartabone

      소녀시대다! 역시!

    86. 낮과 밤아름다운 작별 인사

      It's me think if Tiffany back as Girl Generation member she can be main vocalist as same with Taeyeon. Im really proud of Fany ❤️

      1. Rebreb Yap Diaz

        I find tiffany more of a main vocal on their Japanese tracks as she has the same amount of lines and adlibs sometimes morethan taeyeon and jessica. But in korean tracks it's really TeaSica.

      2. Leony NS

        Actually she was an unofficial main vocal of SNSD 2010-2017.

    87. Pongsiri Bunsri

      We miss her voice. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥

    88. Nia Wartabone


    89. Amphai Piluk

      Tiffany 💖💖💖

    90. kickit59

      Tiffany the best there is!

    91. Andi sabbe

      You're amazing tiff ✨

    92. forever insFired

      You don’t understand I’m obsessed 4:28

    93. Gina Fauzi

      너무 예쁜 거 아니에오? 😍😍😍🥰

    94. Dee SONELF

      I’m a proud SONE 😍

    95. Arimbi Asmara

      We are proud of you Tiffany 💝

    96. Ales Sandro

      나는 이것을 정말로 고대하고있다. 비범하고 의심 할 필요가 없다❤️❤️❤️

    97. Cesar Tangoa

      Que bello espectaculo, Tiffany

    98. Ayezsa Ryne Sibugan

      Tiffany's the best

    99. paniz tabatabaie

      Wow amazing 😮 👏 tiffany is really good

    100. Tiffany Taehyoen

      So gorgeous fany